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Client: Digilab
Skill: CellJet Cell Printer

Digilab CellJet Cell Printer Features & Benefits:

  • The instrument is available in single-channel configuration for printing a single type of cell/reagent at one time, or 2- or 4- channels for dispensing multiple cell types / reagents simultaneously.
  • All configurations can print droplets of volumes ranging from 20 nL to 4µL. Multiple droplets of desired volume can be printed for larger-volume applications.
  • Choice of drop-by-drop or on-the-fly dispensing modes for increased printing accuracy / throughput respectively.
  • Capable of gentle handling of cells, maintains high cell-viability of delicate and robust cells alike.
  • synQUAD technology is able to dispense fluids with a wide viscosity range, ranging from viscosity comparable to water e.g. typical cell media, to highly viscous media / solutions such as 1-2% Alginate or 30% Polyethylene glycol.
  • Easy-to-use software offers flexibility of customized print patterns / programs. High productivity with multiple users after minimal training.
  • System dispenses a full range of cell types, from
    robust to delicate, both adherent and suspension cell types.
  • Fits into most standard Laminar-flow hoods.
  • Larger deck formats are available to support high-throughput applications / robotic integration.
  • Can print live-cells / reagents / sample containing cells to all standard commercially available microtitre well plates (6 to 1586-well plates)/ as well as customized or pre-fabricated substrates or analysis platforms, e.g. Biochips.