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WellPro 4000CE

Kensington Bio is an independent sales representative for innovative companies who manufacturer products and services used in the biotech industry, research laboratories, and academic labs.

Kensington Bio is the Mid-Atlantic regional sales representative for Orflo Technologies. Orflo has introduced the Moxi-Flow, the World's First "Smart Flow Cytometer". The Moxi Flow is a compact Flow Cytometer / Cell Counter. While it is small in size and price, the data results are huge with accurate cell counting / sizing utilizing the Coulter Principle, and a 532nm laser for excitation with a 590nm PMT to read emission to provide versatile confirmation of cell health and protein analysis. The Moxi Flow is the "Cytometer You Can Count On".

Kensington Bio is the representative for the ProGroup, the manufacturer of the WellPro 4000CE and the Pro Pi-Pette automated liquid handling systems. The WellPro 4000CE offers 96 and 384 well plate serial dilutions, automated plate filling, and plate to plate transfers. It is a workhorse standard for immunology labs at facilities like the FDA and the CDC. The Pro Pi-Pette is a robotic system that creates a custom designed liquid handling workspace with multiple capacity system integration.

Kensington Bio represents Aplegen as an Application Specialist for the Omega Lum G gel doc / chemi unit and the dedicated Omega Lum C Chemi system. The Omega Lum systems allows imaging of gels and Westerns in a compact system that is easy to operate, and economically priced. The Omega Lum systems are sold through BioExpress.

Kensington Bio also represents nanoTherics which offers a magnetic nanoparticle transfection technology to assist in hard to transfect adherant cells like Primary Nuerons and STEM Cells. We also work with manufacturers of bench top equipment for sample preparation, automated liquid handling devices, electrophoresis, custom Molecular Biology and Genomics products, and disposable laboratory products.